Does iDotto only exist for Rome?
No, iDotto is a large project which will progressively be extended to many other tourist destinations. We began in Rome, but new places to visit with your iDotto travel companion will soon be added.
How does iDotto understand what I am interested in?
All of iDotto’s contents are classified, which enables it to be used in a variety of ways. When you tell iDotto that you like a certain section, your user profile is modified as a result. When you get to a new area, if there is information which fits your user profile, this will take precedence over other information: first you will hear about things which most interest you, then, if you want to wait, you will hear the rest.
Does iDotto work indoors?
iDotto needs to know your location in order to tell what is around you; so it needs a GPS signal. This is why it works well in open spaces, but if you are in a narrow alley surrounded by tall buildings, it won’t work as well. It doesn’t work at all if you are inside a church or a museum. Remember to turn the app off before entering!
If you don’t want to walk around, you can still use iDotto in your hotel room, at a café, or in any other inside location, even if you don’t have a GPS signal. Use the Explore button: iDotto will tell you about the city as if you were right there.
Does iDotto collect personal data or data related to my movements?
iDotto totally respects your privacy; all the data is cancelled each time you exit the app, or when you press the reset button. You can check to see if we have kept our word.
How long will my iPhone's battery last if I use iDotto?
iDotto uses your iPhone a lot, it's always talking and it uses GPS. The battery should last about 4 hours of continued use. We recommend bringing a spare battery to prolong your visit!
I have come across a problem. Some incorrect information, a problem with the app, a suggestion that I would like to give you. How can I let you know?
We are happy to identify problems, listen to criticism and suggestions.
Go to the "Contact us" page, where you will find a form which you can use to communicate with us. We promise to take note of each and every comment!